Welcome to Gilt Jewelry. We are a Boutique Located in a fun shopping neighborhood in Portland Oregon. We have thousands of pieces of Vintage and Antique Jewelry in our shop, and the inventory is constantly changing. We have listed just a few of those pieces on our website for you to see and buy. If you are looking for something special please contact us and we will be happy to list items for you to look at. Better yet if you're in the Portland area pop in and try some things on. We carry everything from Antique Engagement Rings to Art deco Rhinestones. 

store hours

  • Tue—Sat  11:30 - 6:00
  • Sunday  12:00 - 5:00
  • Closed Mondays
  • Phone: 503-226-0629






Reviews & Accolades

We take our business very seriously and always guarantee our customers that any diamond ring purchased from us will appraise at a GIA Graduate Gem Lab for more than they paid for it (within 30 days of the sale) or we will happily refund the full purchase price.

We are more interested in customer satisfaction than making quick sales. The long term relationships we have formed with our customers have created an extended dialogue where we learn more about our community and even more about the jewelry we sell. Help us improve our customer service with your own feedback!

What our customers are saying about us

"They have a large selection but will help you find the piece that's perfect for you, with a quality unrivaled in Portland."

"Their inventory ranges in price so that everyone can have the opportunity to own some fantastically made jewelry. The quality of most of the adornments sold at Gilt is hard to find in most other "vintage" shops. I would recommend this place to anyone with an adventurous nature who has no fear of wearing something that you wouldn't find anywhere else. There is no one else like this in town"

"They have an incredible selection of antique wedding rings, and if they don't have what you're looking for, they can find it."

"This store is a real treasure-chest for many tastes. You will find simple and small or large and ornate—all under one roof. It is like walking through a life size jewelry box crossed with your best friend's closet. Every detail here is thought through, from the gilded display cases to the mural by the staircase."

"I love Gilt; they have a great variety of antique jewelry available when you are sick of all the cookie cutter jewelry at more mainstream outlets. The variety isn’t just limited to the style but also the price. So even if you’re a pauper but want to maker her feel like a princess you can easily find that special something."

"Not only do I recommend Gilt for gifts and personal pleasure, but I wouldn't be surprised if you became a lifelong fan as I have...they have a beautiful selection of estate pieces, their support of local artists does not go unnoticed, the upstairs features many independent artists. Make sure to strike up a conversation with the girls in the shop, they really are the one in a million types."

"My husband isn't a fan of shopping but ever since discovering Gilt is actually enjoys it. He has purchased a few beautiful pieces from Gilt for me over the years and he says it is like shopping with friends and he knows anything he buys will be well loved. There is never any pressure to buy they have and the best selection of jewelry."

"When you wear vintage diamonds from Gilt you get to feel good about supporting a local business and you don't have to worry about wearing conflict diamonds."

"The selection is incredible, from fabulous, rare vintage pieces, to modern hip jewelry made by Portlanders. On top of the wide variety of options, her prices vary so much, it seems anyone could afford to purchase one of her many lovely items."

"I get an education with each purchase. Quality is outstanding, value is great, service is friendly and they have lovely and interesting pieces. What more could you want!"

"Whenever I've bought something here, I've ended up spending under what I set out to and really treasuring it. The sales-people seem to always know everything in stock and make helpful, totally brilliant suggestions. I couldn't be happier with them and I love my ring."

"A veritable candy land for the jewelry lover!! This lovely boutique has vintage wares such as engagement rings and costume jewelry that is clearly carefully selected for the store. They also carry new pieces, most by local designers."

care & guarantee

The care that you give your jewelry is the most vital part of its longevity. It is the customer’s responsibility to be proactive in the care and maintenance required to keep their jewelry in good condition. Get to know your ring and contact us the moment you have a concern; we are here to help you.

The general care instructions provided with each ring should be followed in order to maintain quality and security of the stones and mountings. It is important that customers come see us semi-annually (or more often if you like) for ring cleaning and mounting inspections, which are free to you for the lifetime of the item.

Please remember that no ring is indestructible and that occasional work may be needed for maintenance. We are happy to help you with this for a minimum charge. Also, we are glad to go over any care instructions with you, so call any time.